ADELINA name means: nobility, that is, with high morality, selflessness and honesty, a mission of service, is endowed with such qualities as generosity, responsibility, practicality, fidelity, foresight, delicacy, optimism.

The #1 Call Center In The Industry

The total number of company staff is around 4000 employees. We serve over 150 projects for clients from 17 countries.
  • Adelina offers live call center support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Our call center currently handles upwards of 100,000 transactions a day.
  • Customer’s information stays secured.
  • Appointment scheduling, on-call dispatching and customizable scripting all comes standard with our call center software.


To work with and for people, create conditions for the development of employee talents, serve contacts between business and customers.


Trust in our company motivates customers to make decisions about cooperation
Practical positive experience of cooperation builds trust and forms a reliable foundation for mutually beneficial partnership
Our consultations on behalf of the customer help to convey the necessary information to the customers, and the partner’s customers get what is important to them

Thousands of companies trust us to serve their customers, millions of people are satisfied with our advice, our employees constantly develop and implement projects around the world

Having up-to-date information is the basis for accurate advice that meets the needs of clients
Constant concern for the quality of services and information security increases the level of loyalty of our customers and clients, as a result – more customers trust our company
The more complex projects the company serves, the more opportunities for employees to grow and develop professionally
We Have The Best Specialists
Experienced employees have the opportunity to grow up the career ladder and gain project management experience in different countries
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We Have 16 Years Of Experience

Adelina BPO is a large contact center with representative offices in many countries: The USA, Turkey, Poland, Kazakhstan and is the largest contact center in Ukraine. We constantly grow and have already proven our ability to develop our business, employees and businesses of our partners.

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