Marketing research and any kind of surveys are a fantastic method to learn more about your customers and improve your product or service.

Having an outsourced contact center conduct research assures that the information gathered is objective. Adelina BPO, as your survey partner, can help you analyze data faster and more accurately, so you can make better decisions.

Market research that involves live contact is quite effective. Adelina BPO can put up a team of outbound calling professionals to interview your customers and gather the data you need.

Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is one of the most popular techniques of market research data gathering via live agents over the phone. CATI surveys may provide you in-depth study of a variety of business aspects. This service can assist you in deciphering consumer, market, and other behavioral patterns.

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Adelina BPO provides quantitative and qualitative marketing research using tools and technologies as part of our service. Modern software and hardware telecommunications complexes allow process over 50 000 outgoing market research calls per day, ensuring high-quality data processing.

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By communicating with a larger range of people, telephone surveys may help you improve your marketing and customer experience research efforts.
It’s critical to engage with a call center with vast experience in market research that has the skills and ability to properly manage your project in the ever-changing world of telephone survey data gathering.

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A call center mystery shopping is simply hired specialists making false calls to imitate a client inquiry for the aim of evaluation.
Call center mystery shopping, like mystery shopping in retail businesses, is used to ensure that the real customer experience matches the anticipated customer experience.

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Speed and Objectivity

Working with an outsourcing call center ensures a speedy turnaround of reports as well as an impartial third-party perspective that ensures the investigation’s integrity. You’ll have more time to focus on operating your firm now that your market research activities are safely outsourced.

Analytical techniques
Market Research Services use advanced technology and have up-to-date understanding of research and analytical techniques. For successful and efficient data collection, effective survey procedures necessitate modern technology. As a result, outsourcing might be a beneficial strategy to achieve your requirements.
Greater Efficiency
By outsourcing to an outbound call center, you will be able to maximize performance while lowering expenses. Large majority of our clients see significant new potential as a result of lower fixed expenses and increased call center responsiveness.
Better Performance
Outsourcing to a market research call center allows you to increase the number of surveys you send out, resulting in more accurate data. Having the resources of a full-service contact center on your side will enable you to conduct more research for less money. This results in more accurate data and better judgments, which leads to more profits!
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