Computer Aided or Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is a highly intuitive system and one of the most time-tested techniques of administering surveys that helps interviewers ask efficient and appropriate questions, thereby improving the productivity and reliability of market research data collection. The replies are concurrently captured on a computer system to be analyzed after.

Adelina BPO provides the best CATI surveys for collecting market research data. In worldwide B2B and individual interviews, our CATI market research products and services are quite effective. In terms of sample management, question routing, accuracy, and timeliness, we provide substantial advantages.

Since 2006, Adelina BPO has provided our global clientele with value-added Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews. It’s simple to understand why our services are desirable in the phone survey industry, given our cost-effective services, quick response time, devoted team, and well-defined processes. We have emerged as a real leader in call center services, becoming the first option for clients who outsource CATI support services, with years of combined expertise in call center service.

Many organizations want insights in order to improve their daily interactions and client service. Through CATI survey services, we’ve helped a variety of clients from various industries raise their income.

We also provide various services to assist you improve your return on investment and market awareness.

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