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1-800 support

You may make a free call to the number with the 1-800 code from any landline or cell phone. The number 1-800 is a toll-free number that may be used anywhere in the United States. Allowing your consumers to dial 1-800 simplifies their lives tremendously.

Experience demonstrates that having a 1-800 number increases the amount of consumer calls by a factor of ten, while advertising campaigns and customer service results improve by a factor of a few. This is a simple number to memorize. In average, you may improve consumer loyalty to your firm by applying this number.

The “Infoline 1 800 support” service offers all of the benefits of Adelina BPO services such as “inbound calls”, “order processing”, “virtual office”, “event registration” and an additional service that is an important part of building loyal relationships with current and prospective customers, particularly regarding, the ability for end customers to make a free call from anywhere in the United States to a dedicated Support 1 800 number.

The 1-800 service is widely used and has shown to be an effective instrument for motivating and simplifying client engagement with you.

The “Infoline 1 800 support” service will improve the response of the target audience to the published adverts, bring evaluation of the advertising campaign’s performance, and offer your client a single point of contact with the firm. Furthermore, if the tariff plan is set right, the service will save communications expenses while also enhancing your company’s image by exhibiting a customer-centric attitude.

Our experts will assist you in customizing the look of your phone number to your satisfaction and making it as recognizable as possible in promotional materials.

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