The guidelines for advertising products and services are established by the dynamics of current corporate growth. The usual methods aren’t always enough, especially when sales performance in specific geographic areas or for the organization as a whole has to be improved.

Outsourced telesales is the process of selling items or services via the phone. A telesales salesperson calls current and potential customers to persuade them to purchase the company’s products.

A distinct division focusing solely in telesales service was founded on the foundation of Adelina BPO. Regular trainings are conducted by qualified trainers to familiarize agents with the features of products and services, as well as the newest selling technology.

The involvement of telesales reps in lead generation for the sales team is crucial. They make phone calls to new and current consumers to advise them about their company’s products, services, and special offers. They follow guidelines to identify leads who are interested in purchasing as well as those who could be persuaded to buy their offerings. This step allows the field sales team to work more quickly and convert more leads.

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Our professionals will assist to create a script with questions that will guarantee your sales staff only speaks with the prospects. Allowing your sales staff to focus on only the best prospects prevents unnecessary irritation that comes with several efforts to reach them. As a result, your staff will be more productive and satisfied at work since they will be able to spend the most of their time accomplishing the goals.

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Need more information? If you have questions, we have answers.

Strong side of our telesales agency representatives are their communication skills. They are always ready to start an intelligent dialogue with strangers and keep them going. Telesales reps at Adelina BPO communicate in the customer’s language and explain complex ideas in simple ways. They actively listen and are patient showing understanding to consumer’s issues. This enables them to give individualized experiences to their customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
Personality traits

Interpersonal skills are required for telephone sales professionals. It may be hard to establish contact with the other party over the phone without seeing them and empathy, patience and persuasion are the best tools to be able to convert leads and persuade existing clients to become ambassadors of you brand.

Emotional intelligence, active listening, and conflict resolution are all necessary talents for a successful business.

Sales experience
A thorough understanding of the sales process is “must have” for professional phone sales representatives. Ability to reach sales goals over the phone and to employ scripts helps them qualify potential consumers and persuade current customers to acquire additional items or services. Moreover, for sure, to resolve client problems and persuade them to buy at advantageous prices, a superb telesales agent needs exceptional bargaining abilities.
Quick learning
Our telesales agents have a thorough grasp of products and services in order to convey the advantages to consumers and persuade them to purchase from the firm. Because they not only rely on scripts to close leads, agents must be quick learners and constantly develop their skills.
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