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Market research

Every firm that wants to flourish in its industry has to know everything there is to know about the marketing environment. After all, having this knowledge reduces the possibilities of making poor strategic judgments, boosting the likelihood of financial success.

As market research company, we have professional and competent interviewers with particular training. They record the responses in the system during market research calls, while interviewing participants. The polling program totally regulates quota compliance and reduces the chance of errors when filling out questionnaires, ensuring that the quality of the data collected is at the highest level.

We offer the following:

  • our telemarketers' professionalism and competence in market research
  • automated online reporting: when an expert inserts data into the system, it is presented in an electronic format and made available for use right away
  • strong software, such as the one created by our IT department, that allows us to conduct market research at the greatest level of quality and quickness
  • giving full summaries as well as audio recordings of every responses

The obtained data is processed and analyzed by Adelina Call Center professional marketing research analysts, and the results are presented to you in the form of a handy report. The report’s data is available for usage and analysis.

You will receive:

  • a precise portrait of your client and a full understanding of distinct target groups' preferences, prospective market segments and promising business growth directions ranking of the most effective sorts of your offerings and approaches to advertise your products or services
  • your company's revised marketing policy provides the opportunity to reduce risk while making marketing decisions.
  • information on your rivals' activities, a report on the performance of your advertising efforts, the right quantity of marketing data to help you manage your resources more effectively

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