Service call center is designed to manage huge numbers of inbound and outbound calls. Staffing, office space, equipment, and other operating expenses are reduced by outsourcing the handling of these calls.

Professional contact centre services are being used by an increasing number of businesses to implement this fast-growing industry. Call centers for customer service are at the heart of this endeavor.

In this new approach, call centers are in the frontline. Outsourced customer service may appear paradoxical at first look, but if your company needs help with client engagement and loyalty, a customer care contact center is a sensible, cost-effective option.

The #1 Call Center In The Industry

Outsourced customer support from Adelina BPO is not one-way; with marketing capabilities, your telephone sales, polls, and other outbound campaigns will not skip a beat! Outbound calls are handled by trained agents who are well versed in your products and services.

We provide a cost-effective tool for expanding your business, from generating and monitoring leads to increasing sales and pleased consumers. Adelina BPO can help you improve your customer care immediately!

Inbound calls services are dealing with receiving incoming phone calls at your company. Telephone answering, order processing, appointment setting, and help desk services are just a few of the various services available.
Outbound calling service focus on making outgoing calls for your company or group. Telesales, telemarketing, lead generation, customer surveys and market research are just a short list of services Adelina BPO offers.
Automated call center service provider solutions are all about streamlining your company’s procedures. Interactive voice response (IVR) is one of the examples. A call center IVR may provide plenty of advantages to any company. It helps you to manage your call volume, which is extremely useful when your company has to function on a greater scale without incurring the high costs associated with a larger staff.

Business process outsourcing is a type of outsourcing in which an organization outsources non-core business processes to another company.
BPO is the deepest form of outsourcing, involving close interaction between the client and the service provider.

There are a number of examples of BPO services and we can offer more!