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Inbound calls

When you outsource your inbound calls, you not just save costs, you are able to focus on your business development without worrying how to handle all new requests at the first touch point and not to miss any opportunity. Adelina BPO allows you to serve your consumers whenever they need it: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Emergency call center inbound calls

During any disaster, business continuity is critical. Clients and workers require a live link to your firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of industry or emergency. Adelina BPO offers the required skills and will be there to handle your calls no matter what.

Our objective for your company in the event of an emergency is to keep the lines open. A local company will be available to the clients if they require services. A national company’s clients not experience any service interruptions.

Inbound calls employees are accessible whenever you need them. We have strict onboarding process, during which the scripts are created and improved at disaster response. We know exactly what to do if and when calls are sent to us during a serious emergency.

Advertising campaigns support

If your company is developing rapidly, actively promoting products and services, constantly organizing BTL and advertising campaigns, then support for the entire range of marketing activities is an integral part of your projects’ successful implementation process.

Experience shows that from 70 to 90 percents of inbound calls are typical and relate to standard information, therefore, it is not advisable and economically profitable to involve highly qualified specialists of your company to process such requests. It is enough to define a list of such requests, write down a clear scenario and an algorithm of actions, and focus on the main activities of the company, and the professional agents of Adelina BPO will:

  • provide timely and qualified assistance to the target audience during the advertising campaign or any other marketing activity
  • provide answers to all calls and inquiries from potential customers
  • help to minimize costs and save on the redistribution of functions for servicing inbound phone calls between its own staff and operators of Adelina BPO
  • generate up-to-date marketing data regarding the number of requests, a list of key questions and the response to the promotion as a whole
  • record complaints which will be transmitted to you in on-line mode

This service is relevant for both: organizers of promotions and advertising agencies, which will be able to delegate some of the responsibilities for ensuring the proper implementation of the advertising campaign to the professionals of Adelina BPO, and focus on other aspects of project management.

The substantial convenience of the inbound and outbound calls service are indisputable in comparison with expensive television spots, radio broadcasting, which often does not reach the circle of customers, or in comparison with the production of big boards, banner advertisements on the Internet, which are ignored by modern society.

Telephone inbound outbound calls are devoid of all these disadvantages. An individual contact is established with a potential consumer of goods or services, during which the operator has the opportunity to control the issuance of the necessary information, regulate the conversation, work with refusals and take into account the reactions.

You are provided with full reporting – statistics of customer feedback:

  • records of all conversations
  • the response of potential customers to marketing campaigns
  • the results of the effectiveness of use of various information platforms and means

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